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Replacement VGA Macbook chip. The center of the vga chip Macbook Vu Vu Hoang Vu is a reliable address for many years of service shops as well as devotees of the apple for many years. With the experience of replacing the vga versions of the MacBook from the 945 intel to the present, we are confidently replacing all the vga chips on the MacBook pro in a professional way.

Replacement VGA Macbook chip. Hoang Vu Center would like to share some experiences and some common mistakes on the Macbook that we have overcome over the years.

+ Versions of the MacBook core 2 generations usually if running vga discrete chips will run Ati x 1600, Nvidia G-84-602- a 2 .... these versions of the vga chips series over time right.

+ Versions of MacBooks running Core I from 2010 to 2012 do not use Retina Display technology, but over time use chips for 15-inch and 17-inch models. The way to solve these product lines is to replace the new chip. Some lines do not have vga chips, so you should replace the new main. You should not choose the solution to close the vga chip because this solution does not work.

+ Versions of MacBook Retina equipped with new generation chips are difficult to replace, requiring skilled technicians along with modern chip technology to meet the new. Hoang Vu Center confidently provide you with the service of replacing these Vga Macbook chips in a professional way.

+ 11.6-inch MacBook Air. These product samples of the defective apple also revealed some disadvantages such as hot running and very high heat emission so some faults on the mainboard chip and need to be repaired in the event of technical problems with hardware. . The 11.6-inch MacBook Air vga error messages include white, three-tone, busbar, and screen stripes. The condition is a sign that the Macbook should replace the MacBook vga chip to keep the MacBook Air running. Normal movement The cost of repairing and replacing the 11.6-inch Macbook Air vga chips ranges from VND1,200-1,500,000 depending on the model.

+ For MacBook Air 13.3 line running Core 2 has many options for you from the configuration to the hard drive. For hard drives there are two product lines, HDD and SDD for select customers. However, this product line over long periods of use is very high heat, which is caused by the vga chip is not as persistent as the wishes of its engineers. For this reason, these models have a lot of vga chips and need to replace the vga Macbook chip.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro, which runs on the 1.2.33 core, is still being designed by US-based technology, but upgraded by more powerful chips. These MacBook pro 13.3 series have good processing speed and two versions of vga share and leave for customers have many choices. The cost of fixing the vga macbook line varies from 1.2 million to 1.4 million depending on the line.

Replacement VGA Macbook chip. Hoang Vu Center provides you with the service "repair standard 5 star" leading in Vietnam today:

⭐ Convenient location to find, modern facilities and equipment.
⭐ Experienced engineers and technicians repair over 60,000 products.
⭐ Enjoy the most attentive service.
⭐ Quality of repair is a priority # 1.
⭐ Warranty and after-sales service life.

Commitment of Huang Yu Center:

Components used to replace the customer is new 100% zin onion, quality assurance.
The cheapest repair cost in the area.
Customers will be tracked repair center employees in the technical area.
Repair time, replacement parts are always shortened center to help customers save time.
Consulting enthusiastically about the problems that customers encounter.
For more information, you can contact Hoang Vu Center via Hotline: 0916 472 445 for the most professional advice.