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Repair Iphone, Ipad, Glasses

Posted on 21-03-2017

Repair Iphone, Ipad, GlassesRepairing Iphone, Ipad, Glass Press at Hoang Vu Center with the criteria to create skilled technicians, do the job. We focus on practicing 100%, ensuring professional skills for students after completing the course.


I. Introductory iPhone Course - iPad - Pressed Glasses.
Training professional iPhone repair technician
Training professional iPad repair technician.
Technician Training iPhone Glass Phone, Professional Ipad.
All curriculums are very short, simple, easy to understand and stick to the actual repair routine.
The classrooms are air-conditioned and equipped with modern equipment. Students do not need to have additional equipment when they start the course.
Students are 100% practiced with the sharing and support of long experienced technicians at Hoang Vu Center.
II. Training objectives:

Repair Iphone, Ipad, Glasses. Hoang Vu Center of Vocational Training aims to create skilled technicians to meet the demand for qualified human resources for Hoang Vu Center and repair industry in Vietnam.
Make your favorite job for passionate, difficult or disabled people with a suitable job and high income.
III. Suitable audience:

Enthusiasts to repair Iphone, Ipad, Glasses.
You have a difficult situation to find a good job to develop the future.
You have a disability but are eager to repair electronics.
IV. Course Advantages:

Study and practice in the technical repair room.
Get the share of experienced technicians over 10 years.
Exposure to many machines, many pan actually the most common today.
Students are retained at the center with the development of Hoang Vu Center.
V. Teaching staff:

Have direct experience repairing telephone more than 10 years in Hoang Vu Center and major centers in Vietnam.
VI. Descriptive syllabus.

A. Repair Iphone Lock
Course content:

Replace all removable iPhone components
Basic Components on Iphone Mainboard.
Block diagram on Iphone Mainboard.
Welding technique on Iphone mainboard.
View the circuit diagram on the Iphone Mainboard.
Guide to use repair equipment such as: CMC, equipment poured seri, loaded rom ...
Be 100% practicing on new machines.
B. Ipad Repair Key
Course content:

Replace all iPad removable components.
Basic Components on the Ipad Mainboard.
Block diagram on Ipad Mainboard.
Ip welding technology on the mainboard.
See the schematic on the Ipad motherboard.
Guide to use repair equipment such as: CMC, equipment poured seri, loaded rom ...
Be 100% practicing on new machines.
C. Replacement of Glass Iphone, Ipad.
Course content:

Replace all removable iphone accessories, iPad.
Proficiently using professional glass-forming equipment.
Be 100% practicing on new machines.
VII. Training time.

Hoang Vu Center professionally repaired for 12 months. Ensure the technician is retained or employed after completing a 100% course with a steady start salary.

VIII. Tuition Fee.


For more information contact Hoang Vu Center via Hotline: 0916 472 445 Mr Vu for the most professional advice.