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Laptop Repair Center, Macbook Hoang Vu would like to introduce to you training program repairing laptop professional.

With our experience in the field of laptop repair, we have developed and developed a method for training a new trainee to become a professional repair technician with a solid workmanship, Analyze and fix your laptop in a regular and scientific way.


Currently we are teaching by the method of transferring the job, combining with five chapters of theoretical hugs in the field of electronic laptop repair, through which students will experience in depth practice to create specialized repair skills. Karma for each student.


The training program of laptop repair center of our center as follows:

Phase 1: (time of 15 days) During this time, students will be taught the theory and get the materials chapter 1 on basic components on the mainboard laptop, combined with welding techniques, proficient and tested. Check before passing phase 2.

Phase 2: (duration of 15 days) Students are researched to make chipset chips, vga chips, male chips ... masterfully and professionally in chip technology, chips and chips. Combined with the theory of Chapter 2 is the analysis of the block diagram on the main Laptop to identify the components on the motherboard deeper, thereby analyzing and diagnosing some basic parts on the mainboard Laptop.

Phase 3: (15 day period) During this period, new technicians will analyze the main power source on the main laptop, the front and rear power supplies on the motherboard, and determine the necessary and sufficient conditions. Let mainboar laptop work.

Stage 4: (15 days) KTV analyzes the sources of the circuit, the battery charging circuit, the source of the screen jackets ... thereby solving the relevant parts professionally and System thinking.

Stage 5: laptop repairing is analyzed schematic of main companies and analyzed and shared experiences of KTV technicians in the repair process and passed the repairing experience of experienced technicians. Karma, thereby cultivating experience to become a professional KTV

Stage 6: Practicing the final skills of customer communication, direct reception of customer machines and repairs under close supervision of skilled KTV at the center, thereby improving the skills and Confidence in the preparation of repair operations independently.

Time: 6 months. Study 6 days / week, Monday through Saturday.

Duration: 6 months (1 month theory + 5 months practice). Study 6 sessions / week, from Monday to Saturday morning and afternoon.

Tuition fee is 2,000,000 vnd. Those who have a disability or are in a difficult situation are exempted from school fees.

Note: Teaching by job transfer. Practice 100% on new machines.

Students who finish their studies hard if they are not confident can stay for more 3-6 months.

At the end of the course, the trainees are quite good at getting their company back at a steady salary.

For more information about training program repair laptop please contact us through hotline: 0916472445 Mr Vu for the most thoughtful advice.