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Teaching Laptop Repair Jobs

Posted on 08-11-2018

Teaching Laptop Repair at Hoang Vu Center experienced over 10 years of experience. We are confident in teaching Laptop Repair Professionally in Vietnam today and especially teaching Laptop Repair for free for you who are in difficult situation as well as being disabled and will recruit good students After finishing the course with an attractive salary.


Hoang Vu Center is a longtime brand in the field of Laptop, Macbook, Imac, Surface, Ipad, Iphone in Vietnam today. We accept free laptop repair training now in Ho Chi Minh.

Vocational training for Laptop repair requires the perseverance of the teacher and the hard patience of the Teachers for 12 months to return the results to the students. We only train you 04 for free every year to create career opportunities for you who love electronics, as well as select those who love to work at the company with an attractive salary.

Vocational repair Laptop in Hoang Vu Center is essentially a problem of recruiting and training talents for Laptop repair, Macbook, Surface, Imac, iPad, Iphone ... We are always confident to create you Technicians are skilled and knowledgeable about electronic circuits after finishing the course.

Why should you choose a laptop repair program at HVC?
Stage 1: (time is 15 days) during this time students are taught the theory and receive the chapter 1 about basic components on the mainboar laptop, combined with welding techniques, proficient and tested Check before going through stage 2.

Phase 2: (15 days time) Students will be rescued as chipsets, vga chips, and chip chips ... to be proficient and professional in chip-closing, chip-breaking and chip-making techniques. Combined with the theory of chapter 2 is the block diagram analysis on the main laptop to determine the components on the mainboard in a deeper way, thereby analyzing and diagnosing some basic parts on the laptop mainboard.

Phase 3: (15-day period) In this stage, the newcomers enter the industry to analyze the basic power supply on the main laptop, the previous and the next levels on the mainboard, and determine the necessary and sufficient conditions to mainboar laptop works.

Stage 4: (15 days time) KTV is analyzing the sources of the source circuit, battery charging circuit, power on the screen shirt ... thereby solving the relevant parts professionally and thinking system.

Stage 5: The participants were analyzed the main diagram of the firms (schematic) and analyzed and shared practical experiences of the technicians during the repair process and passed on the repair experience of the specialized technicians. career, thereby cultivating more experience to become a professional KTV

Stage 6: Practicing the final skills of communicating customers, receiving customers directly and making repairs under the close of skilled technicians at the center, thereby improving skills and confidence in manipulating the preparation of repair operations independently.

Time: 12 months. Study 6 days / week, from Monday to Saturday (3 months theory + 9 months practice). Study 6 sessions / week, from Monday to Saturday both morning and afternoon.

Preferential tuition for 2,000,000 VND is used to buy tools and tools for students. Students with disabilities or disadvantaged people are exempt from tuition fees.

Note: Teaching by vocational transfer method. Practice 100% on new machines.

After finishing, it is difficult for students to study if they are not confident and can stay for 3-6 months.

At the end of the course, quite good students received the company with attractive salary.

For more information about laptop repair training program, please contact us via hotline 0916.472.445 Mr Vu for the most thoughtful advice.