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Fix Iphone 6+ sensory disturbance

Posted on 21-03-2017

Fix Iphone 6+ sensory disturbanceHoang Vu Center introduces you to the error, shock, paralysis, jumping, sensory disorders on the motherboard 6 Plus today. Repair Iphone 6 Plus paralysis, induced dysentery, the Center updated the latest solutions today.

Fix Iphone 6+ sensory disturbance. Cause of repair Iphone 6 Plus paralysis, the disorder on the error under the two causes.

- The first is due to production error. This is a faulty product line of Apple so in some countries like the US will be exchanged new machines. This error is so hard for users and annoying Apple customers.

- Second, the fault of the user: When you accidentally fall, collision caused the same error. However, for other iPhones, the same dropping rate, same collision, is not the same problem.

To overcome the situation repair Iphone 6 Plus paralysis, induced dyssus, we also overcome the following process:

- Firstly, you unplug the mainboard to see if the IC is cracked. If we break the crack, we replace the induction IC is complete repair operation.

Secondly, after we unplug the IC, there is no cracking or swelling of the IC.

Fix Iphone 6+ sensory disturbance. Hoang Vu Center provides repair services Iphone 6 Plus paralyzed, touch disorders for you all solutions for repair Iphone 6 Plus the above error. We are aware of your concerns and are committed to providing a definitive solution to this error. Hoang Vu Ceter has a three to six month warranty for your peace of mind when using our "5 Star Repair Service" at our center.

Hoang Vu Center provides you with the service "repair standard 5 star" in Vietnam today:

⭐ Convenient location to find, modern facilities and equipment.
⭐ Experienced engineers and technicians repair over 60,000 products.
⭐ Enjoy the most attentive service.
⭐ Quality of repair is priority 1.
⭐ Warranty and after-sales service life.

Commitment of the Hoang Vu Center:
Components used to replace the customer is new 100% zin zinc, quality assurance.
The cheapest repair cost in the area.
Customers will be tracked repair center employees in the technical area.
Repair time, spare parts are always shortened center to help customers save time.
Counsel the problems that customers encounter.
For more information, you can contact Hoang Vu Center via Hotline: 0916 472 445 for the most professional advice.